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Stax is a feature-rich native AWS cloud management platform.

Enjoy industrial strength controls, aligned to the AWS Well-Architected Framework with: 

  • A preconfigured landing zone 
  • Easy network management
  • Seamless and secure workload deployments to multiple accounts
  • Single step, simple account creation
  • Intuitive and scalable identity & access management  
  • Best practice security frameworks
  • Rich insights and alerts into spend, wastage, and cost optimisation
  • Real-time alerts and continuous monitoring on cost & compliance

The cutting-edge cloud environment is pre-configured with industrial strength controls for security, network connectivity, monitoring, and identity and access management.



Never get stuck with bill shock, wastage, maintenance, or security exposure 
Secure & Compliant

Secure & Compliant

Stax stays up to date with industry compliance standards and best security practices


Stax stays up-to-date so you’ll never have to worry about maintaining your cloud ecosystem

Why build when you can buy?


  • Begins from scratch, requiring developers to create and manage a platform that needs frequent refreshing to stay on track.
  • A typical build costs $400K-$800K in CapEx.
  • Build times vary, but can run to 8 – 14 weeks.
  • Your teams are tied up – during the build and throughout operation. Knowledge is in their hands and non-transferable.
    Ongoing CapEx and the burden of effort.


  • An off-the-shelf, prefabricated industrial strength solution.
  • Built natively on AWS, it’s evergreen and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance.
  • Zero initial outlay. Packages begin at $5K/month and can be added to your Amazon bill.
  • Ready to go out of the box with a robust and intuitive feature set.
  • Your teams are available to focus on building excellence that matters – not building the platform itself. Knowledge is shared.
  • Low OpEx and peace of mind.

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