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Stax provides the confidence and security to build on AWS with ease & speed.

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We make cloud absurdly easy.

Purpose-built for AWS, Stax is the only native cloud management platform with a rich and robust feature set to help you migrate, build, operate and support a thriving AWS ecosystem.

Stax provides a cutting-edge cloud environment thatʼs pre-configured with industrial strength controls for security, network connectivity, monitoring, and identity and access management.

Simply, we empower developers to innovate for their business.

Customer Story: EVENT

How Stax accelerated EVENT's migration to AWS and established foundations within a matter of days.

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Highly automated. Highly secure. Highly reliable.

Use developers effectively

Already in the cloud? Automate menial tasks such as cloud maintenance and operations. Give builders the confidence to move at an agile pace on projects further up the stack. Considering a migration? Stax provides a fast on-ramp to AWS.

Reduce time on menial tasks

Focus teams on strategic business objectives rather than operations. Accelerate delivery velocity, ensuring resources can be deployed quickly, securely and consistently. And reduce the time your talented developers spend keeping the lights on.

Never leave the door open again

Ensure business resilience from day one, safeguarding your business data and infrastructure to withstand threats. Build on the most secure foundation available, with streamlined user access and the latest security controls automatically applied.

Ensure your ecosystem is compliant

Proactive guardrails keep your environment aligned with security and compliance requirements to prevent issues from occurring. Leverage built-in risk management features to track and report in real-time on your risk and security posture.

Reduce wastage and use AWS efficiently

Stax provides your business visibility into cost, compliance, access and provisioning. This data allows your organization to scale your cloud consumption and use AWS efficiently, making bill shock a thing of the past.

An evergreen platform reduces maintenance

Increase productivity by reducing the time needed to maintain your cloud ecosystem. With ongoing maintenance, reporting and AWS updates, Stax keeps your cloud environment evergreen, secure, and adhering to best practices.

Getting you up the stack, quickly & securely.

Focus on your core businessFocus on your core business

Cloud engineering as a service

  • Consistently secure & best practice
  • Up to date with latest cloud services
  • Applied to new and existing accounts

Complete visibility across cost & compliance

  • Cost management
  • Risk management
  • Real-time rule alerts

Automated solutions with multi-account, org, region deployment

  • Account management
  • Advanced networking
  • Workload orchestration
  • Rich API with intuitive console

Secure & compliant foundations

  • Foundation accounts
  • Account assurance
  • Security guardrails
  • Identity & access management

Build for tomorrow.

Reducing complexity. Removing friction. Increasing agility.


Get started with an off-the-shelf secure landing zone with guardrails.

Account Management

Create and centrally govern consistent, best-practice AWS accounts.


Create secure networks that will seamlessly scale with your business as it grows.


Centrally deploy infrastructure-as-code to multiple AWS accounts.

Identity and Access

Quickly and securely manage access to the Stax platform and AWS accounts

Security Controls

Enforce best-practice policies or apply your own risk frameworks to ensure your business is secure.

Cost Management

Complete visibility and insights enable you to track, forecast and optimize your AWS spend.

Risk Management

Manage and reduce cloud risk aligned to industry and internal frameworks.

Hear from some of our happy clients.

“The people at Stax are passionate about delivering best in market AWS monitoring and management."

Michael Ridgway
VP of Engineering, carsales

"EVENT use the data provided by Stax to make well informed decisions, rather than spending time trying to wrangle the data itself."

Abhishek Anupuri
Head of Strategy & Architecture, EVENT

“The Stax solution was terrific for our Foresight AI build. It cut development time and costs and provided us with the exact secure data environment we needed for the project and our clients.”

Richard Peter
Director, Daymark

Work with the tools you already use.

Stax provides an API first approach, so you can automate the boring bits, or use the web console for a visual experience. Create or modify an account with a line of code and log into your AWS environment quickly and securely.

Confidence in Cloud.

Enhance your AWS experience with Stax.

Did you know Stax is an AWS reseller?

Leverage our partnership for your business.

The latest from our blog.

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10 Dec 2021

A Solution to AWS Access Challenges

Correctly managing team access to AWS accounts is one of the most important ways to secure and safeguard customer data and lower risk exposure. But the process can be error-ridden. Learn how Stax can help.

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