Stax makes AWS better

Complete AWS monitoring, delivering visibility and insights across your full AWS stack.

12% of your monthly spend was wastage
47 IAM users have been inactive for more than 90 days
7.5h CPU hours per dollar
99% EC2 RI utilisation
$90,417 Estimated this financial year

Shine a light on all
you need to know

Complete AWS monitoring - see your whole stack at a glance.

Compare key metrics across your business, breaking down views of Stax to business unit, project, application or environment.

Best Practice Advice - we'll help you make your stack work harder for less.

Empower your teams with the best AWS monitoring tool in the market. Stax educates and improves how they work in AWS, so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of the platform.

Use AWS how it’s meant to be used.

Elasticity, utilisation, auto-scaling, auto-healing. These concepts are our jam. Leverage AWS’s powerful services in the most effective way with recommendations to improve how you’re operating.

Make conversations about cloud with key stakeholders simple.

Manage up and out effectively, with visibility and insight into AWS for finance, security, compliance, business and technical stakeholders.

Actually useful support.

Call and speak with a human. Tweet and we’ll reply. Reach out and we’ll get you answers fast.

Deep, not wide.

We only work with AWS, and we know it better than anyone. Stax is best in breed and gives you more power to manage your cloud.

Let Stax shine a light on your AWS environment

Be confident that your AWS environment is efficient, high quality and secure. Get full visibility on your whole AWS environment, clear reports with analysis, essential insights and useful alerts from Stax.

You'll be in
good company

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