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Save time, reduce complexity, get clarity with Stax

Stax takes the guesswork out of AWS. Now you can easily answer the questions about cost, wastage and compliance that matter most to your business.

AWS can be complex

Finding out what you need to know can be difficult and time consuming.

Stax makes it simple

It’s quick and easy to find the information your business should care about.

Manage cost easily

Know the figures that matter most and be alerted if they go off track.
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Reduce AWS wastage

Get recommendations on how to reduce your cloud waste — and the monthly AWS bill.
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Be compliant, always

Set up continual technical checks to guarantee that all work in the cloud is business-compliant.
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Improve cloud quality

Prove adherence to AWS best practices with AWS expert advices.
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"Stax has helped us uncover and remediate a number of things that we wouldn’t have been able to find without the visibility Stax provides for AWS monitoring."

Michael Ridgway, Senior Development Manager at Carsales
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