The Only Native AWS Cloud Management Platform

Stax provides the confidence and security to build on AWS with ease & speed.

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We make cloud absurdly easy.

Purpose-built for AWS, Stax is the only native cloud management platform with a rich and robust feature set to help you migrate, build, operate and support a thriving AWS ecosystem.

Stax provides a cutting-edge cloud environment that's pre-configured with industrial strength controls for security, network connectivity, monitoring, and identity and access management.

Simply, we empower developers to innovate for their business.

Confidence in Cloud

Why build when you can buy?

Stax delivers an enterprise-grade foundation out of the box, so you can begin deploying applications in a matter of weeks. Our pay-as-you go model means no upfront capital expenditure, and a platform that can scale as your business grows.

An evergreen platform reduces maintenance

Increase productivity by reducing the time needed to maintain your cloud ecosystem. With prefabricated patterns, proactive guardrails and actionable insights across cost, risk and compliance, automate cloud operations so your engineers can build apps that deliver value for your business.

A secure, best practice foundation

Stax is engineered to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and all Stax-provisioned AWS configurations are tested against the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark. Built-in risk management features leverage industry standards, helping you meet business compliance requirements. Identity and Access Management features allow for team collaboration, while still achieving essential security standards.

A clear path to cloud confidence

Your journey,
our perks

Whether you’re starting a cloud transformation or migrating an existing environment, have one engineer or 700, Stax streamlines your development process by automating repeatable tasks to get you where you need to be.

Out of the box, into

Start deploying in days, not months. Stax seamlessly integrates into your workflows with a comprehensive API, so you can consistently deliver. With an evergreen foundation, maintaining AWS updates is a thing of the past.

Been there,
done that

We’ve walked the enterprise customer path and faced the challenges that come with establishing and maintaining a best-practice cloud ecosystem. Cloud confidence is key and Stax exists to simplify your experience.

Stax simplifies your delivery lifecycle


Secure your cloud with pre-configured blueprints


Create and manage accounts, users and Workloads


Reap the benefits of an evergreen environment


Increase visibility over costs and compliance

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