A dedicated platform to accelerate your cloud journey

We handle cloud configuration so developers can deploy seamlessly with confidence.

If you’re migrating to the cloud or starting from scratch,
Stax gets you started in AWS quickly and securely,
so you can focus on building modern, scalable web apps.

Simple to setup,
deploy hours later 

Automated setup of security, logging and identity management gets you deploying to AWS in hours, not months.


Secure, resilient
and compliant  

We’ve got you covered. Every account is engineered to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, so you can rest easy knowing
it’s built right.


Deploy to AWS seamlessly with our API and leave configuration and management of your AWS services to us.


Serverless deployment and hosting

Build and deploy your apps without worrying about infrastructure. Highly available and scalable native cloud solutions developed with API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB.

Stax SDK

Accelerate your development, align to best practices and increase security with our SDK. Leverage Stax functionality and your data to build best practice cloud solutions, without hiring an expensive cloud engineer.

Workload catalogue

Get started in AWS quickly and deliver code faster with our pre-baked, secure AWS workloads. We’re flexible, so you can customise ours or build your own.

Data wrangling

Take the headache out of wrestling with data. Proven, pre-trained models, templates and patterns help you create value and insights from your data out-of-the-box.

Built-in DevOps

Continuously build, test and release your code, predictably and reliably. Take the surprise out of deployments, enabling your team to work more effectively and deliver more value for your customers, product or enterprise.

Federated Identity & SSO

Simple, convenient and secure access. Bring your own identity provider or use Stax as your IdP. We support multiple security protocols including SAML, OpenID, OAuth, and OpenID Connect.

Our Stax API is continuously growing,

providing developers with a deep and powerful interaction.

Valuable insights
into your cloud

Stax Spotlight is our compliance, cost and governance tool.

Stax keeps your cloud
secure, resilient, efficient.