Meet Our Partners

Stax manages the fundamentals to enable customers to unlock the opportunities of AWS faster, without the constraints of building or maintaining their environments.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the world’s largest cloud computing platform, trusted by nearly half the total number of cloud users globally.

As a native-AWS cloud management platform, Stax helps organizations build, operate, and maintain their cloud ecosystem. Our partnership with AWS means your journey is mapped against best-practices, ensuring its resilience and velocity.

Stax is an AWS ISV-Accelerate Member, Accredited AWS Reseller, and AWS Solution Provider. Our product is also ready to purchase off-the-shelf on AWS Marketplace.

The Stax Partner Network

Some businesses need solutions that go beyond our platform, such as consulting services. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the best in the industry to give organizations the confidence and speed to achieve their desired cloud outcomes.


Versent is an Australian-born technology company and a leader in professional and managed services. By working in partnership, Versent is able to help customers build on the existing capabilities of the Stax platform to deliver bespoke solutions for businesses of all sizes.


As a Fortune 500 global provider for Cloud + Data Centre Transformation, Insight is primed to assist Stax’s customers to innovate their roadmap and optimize operations to run their business smarter.

Our Partner Profiles


Reseller of Stax Platform Licenses to other partners and customers

Implementation Partner

Professional Services or System Integrators that provides additional services on top of AWS & Stax

Solution Partner

Provider of Services or “Solutions” commonly deployed into customer AWS environments

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