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Meet Our Partners

Establishing a secure foundation for your AWS ecosystem is what Stax was designed to do, but we understand some of our customers need solutions that go beyond this. That’s where our established network of partners comes into play. We might be considered a start-up, but we started building relationships long ago.



Amazon Web Services is the world largest cloud computing platform, trusted by almost half the market, according to Gartner. Operating in over 80 availability zones within 25 geographic regions around the world, and with plans for growth over both, AWS has the most secure, extensive and reliable cloud infrastructure.

Offering peace of mind on performance with low latency, low packet loss, and high overall network quality, as well as conceptually infinite scalability, we believe AWS provides the best platform for our customers.

As members of the AWS Partner Network (APN), Stax is uniquely positioned to help you grow and scale your business by accelerating your cloud journey. Our partnership with AWS has allowed us to build a solution that is increasingly agile, scalable and reliable, so you can confidently offer improved applications for your customers.

Stax leverages a variety of AWS services as part of our feature offering, including AWS Organizations, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudFormation and Amazon VPC. All services are utilized in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework and industry best practices.



Versent is a leading professional and managed services company headquartered in Melbourne. By working in partnership, Versent’s team of consultants can build on the existing capabilities and functionality of the Stax platform to deliver bespoke solutions for customers looking for a tailored approach.

Versent is the only Premier Partner exclusive to AWS in the APAC region, and specializes in:

  • Cloud adoption
  • Evolved managed services
  • Security and identity
  • Data and analytics
  • App modernization
  • DevOps
  • Open banking
  • Managed digital security