Lucas Chan
Stax on Stax
10 Dec 2021

A Solution to AWS Access Challenges

Correctly managing team access to AWS accounts is one of the most important ways to secure and safeguard customer data and lower risk exposure. But the process can be error-ridden. Learn how Stax can help.

Rowan Udell
Stax on Stax
21 Oct 2021

Build in AWS. Don’t Build AWS

Is it still necessary for companies to build and maintain own AWS cloud ecosystem, which can be difficult in a competitive labor market? Discover a better alternative

Adam Roberts
Stax on Stax
12 Sep 2021

Need a Fast On-ramp to Cloud?

Many organizations looking to adopt AWS have a “need for speed”: they need the benefits that come with cloud now. It's not easy. Learn how Stax can streamline cloud migrations

Rowan Udell
Stax on Stax
13 Nov 2020

Why Stax is Built on Serverless Tech

Stax makes extensive use of serverless technologies. Learn how serverless let us focus on building important features for customers, rather than maintaining vulnerable, un-scalable, costly servers.