Team Stax
Stax on Stax
19 Nov 2021

How To Manage AWS Cloud Costs: A Complete Guide

Struggling to reduce your AWS costs? Read our blog post to learn how to manage AWS costs more effectively by using AWS cloud cost management tools and following best practices.

Rowan Udell
Stax on Stax
21 Oct 2021

Build in AWS. Don’t Build AWS

Is it still necessary for companies to build and maintain own AWS cloud ecosystem, which can be difficult in a competitive labor market? Discover a better alternative

Adam Roberts
Stax on Stax
12 Sep 2021

Need a Fast On-ramp to Cloud?

Many organizations looking to adopt AWS have a “need for speed”: they need the benefits that come with cloud now. It's not easy. Learn how Stax can streamline cloud migrations

Peta Brady
Stax on Stax
08 Apr 2021

5 Essential Projects to Optimize Your Cloud Ecosystem

An overview of five cloud projects beneficial for the vast majority of organizations utilizing AWS, whether they’ve only recently migrated to cloud or have a well-established footprint

Chris Brown
Stax on Stax
16 Mar 2021

A Guide to Tagging Resources in AWS

When working in AWS at scale, maintaining visibility over your ecosystem can be a challenge. Learn tagging strategies and best practices.

Davinia Simon
Stax on Stax
14 Jan 2021

Making A Business Case for Cloud That Actually Stacks Up

A guide to building a business case for cloud that leads to a structured business transformation, rather than an ad-hoc implementation that leads to complexity, fragmentation and increased costs.

Rowan Udell
Stax on Stax
13 Nov 2020

Why Stax is Built on Serverless Tech

Stax makes extensive use of serverless technologies. Learn how serverless let us focus on building important features for customers, rather than maintaining vulnerable, un-scalable, costly servers.

Adam Roberts
Stax on Stax
01 Sep 2020

Two Big Risk Management Features Released in August

A guide to features released on Stax in August, with the team focused on enhancing the platform’s risk management feature set with new Rules and a more flexible alerting system

Evan McLean
Stax on Stax
27 May 2020

How We Built Stax's Networks Feature

How we designed and built our new Networks feature, which allows customers to quickly create best-practice networks to connect their AWS resources