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Stax Team

Innovation comes through collaboration, and at Stax we encourage an environment that promotes free-thinking and the sharing of ideas.


We’re diverse in our backgrounds and experience, and know everyone has something to bring to the table and that why we encourage our teams to be artisans who care for their craft, and lead change through continuous improvement.


Our teams have a penchant for the curious. They’re confident contributors, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, it’s our people that help us get where we want to be.

Purpose. Vision. Mission.


To support our clients' innovation and provide a platform that lets them step up into immediate and continued cloud success.


To create consistency, inspire confidence and drive velocity in cloud management.


We simplify the cloud to accelerate customer innovation.


Underlying everything we do is our commitment to our people because we know if we look after our team, they will look after our customers. At Stax our goal is to create a culture where our people look forward to coming to work and being part of something BIG!

Program 50/50 - Project F 

Program 50/50 is about balance and equity, not representation.
50/50 is a symbolic reference to balance and doesn't mean you're expecting your tech team to reach 50/50 men/women.

Project F’s Program 50/50 draws on 25+ years of industry experience and deep expertise in understanding and resolving why women leave technology.

Here at Stax, we recognize that the future of tech must be diverse, inclusive, and accessible, therefore our team is committed to closing the gender gap and supporting more diverse and inclusive workplaces by joining forces with partners such as Project F. 

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