How Stax Works

All the benefits of enterprise cloud without the maintenance.

Behind the scenes

Serverless by design

The use of a serverless architecture means Stax has been built to improve site reliability, reduce complexity, lower security threats, and easily provision the integration of new services into Stax. All without increasing your costs.

Developed by devs, for devs

With programmatic API access, developers can fully leverage Stax capabilities directly within their own build or infra code patterns. We provide comprehensive documentation, supported by an SDK, so your team can easily interact with Stax API functionality.

Built on factories

Stax uses a collection of build factories to perform tasks such as account and Workload creation, Account Assurance, deployment, IDAM and monitoring. These Factories work asynchronously to avoid server error, reduce downtime, and minimize costs.

Consistency through automation

Stax brings consistency to your cloud with a suite of automation features, architected to best-practice security standards for a seamless deployment process.

  • Automated setup for security, logging and identity management
  • Deploy apps seamlessly in days, not months
  • Easily customize policies and workflows
  • Access repeatable templates for predictability and reliability
  • Easily establish and manage workloads

Never miss a thing

Stax monitors AWS activity within your organization and provides a complete list of events in the Stax Activity Feed. The registered activity acts as a clear audit trail—linking with compliance—and integrates effortlessly with existing services within the business, such as Slack.


Well-Architected Framework

Stax is engineered to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, so you know it’s built right. By adhering to this proven approach, Stax ensures you can confidently make decisions about your cloud infrastructure and focus on creating apps that matter.

Operational Excellence


  • Service Control Policies available to provide business-specific guardrails
  • Amazon GuardDuty enabled for all regions and published to a central detector
  • Deletion of default VPC


  • 99.9 % platform availability
  • AWS Region management
  • Highly available network function

Performance Efficiency

  • Compute and storage waste reports
  • Define reusable infrastructure patterns via Workloads

Cost Optimization

  • AWS Cost and Usage Reporting (CUR) enabled
  • Stax Cost and Compliance latest role deployed
  • Reserved Instances Recommendations and Wastage Reports

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