Take control of your AWS costs with Stax

Cut wastage. Track costs. Make better decisions.

No more guesswork

Dashboards provide visibility across your organization’s AWS accounts and resources. Your team will always know how they’re tracking with snapshots into actual and predicted spend. With the option to view more detail on tax, credits, savings plans, Reserved Instances purchases and support costs, you’ll be able to optimize your AWS spend. Learn more about how Views work in Stax.

Manage costs with confidence

Allocate spend across your organization and by team, project, AWS account, service or resource tag to gain full transparency on cost attribution. So you can make better business decisions. Learn more about Budgets in Stax.

Smart reports to keep you informed

Receive daily or weekly reports summarizing your organization’s AWS usage. Get them by email or Slack—whatever works for you. Make sure everyone hears the good (or bad) news!

Fix cost spikes quick

Get an automated alert when your daily run rate exceeds the average. So you can investigate the issue and cut back before it’s a problem.

Optimize your spending

Stax tells you when you’re spending too much, and helps you cut back. Poor AWS hygiene or account structure, under-utilized instances or unnecessary provisions–whatever the problem is, Stax will quickly alert you so you can resolve and save. Learn more about Wastage.

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