Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited (EVENT) is a leading entertainment, hospitality and leisure company. Founded in 1910 and headquartered in Sydney, EVENT is at the forefront of the experience economy and delivers over 40 million customer experiences annually. From movies and adventure to travel and dining, EVENT believes that in an increasingly busy world, an outstanding experience can make the day better and create lasting memories.

EVENT own the largest cinema circuits in Australia, New Zealand and Germany under the brands Event Cinemas, Birch Carroll and Coyle, Cinestar, Greater Union and Moonlight Cinema. EVENT also own and operate more than 60 hotels including Rydges Hotels and Resorts, QT Hotels and Resorts and Atura Hotels. In the leisure space, EVENT operate Australia’s much-loved ski resort, Thredbo Alpine Resort and one of Australia’s oldest theatres, the State Theatre. The Company also owns a substantial property portfolio.


  • EVENT had been operating on a hosted data center environment, which was complex as it encompassed all the businesses that sit under its brands.
  • EVENT values business innovation and is always reviewing systems for better outcomes and cost efficiencies
  • This service provider was not evolving at the pace that EVENT wanted to innovate. An expiring legacy contract offered an opportunity to modernize by moving to the cloud.
  • EVENT wanted to reduce its dependence on physical infrastructure and make use of the elasticity and flexibility of cloud-based infrastructure. On-premises data centers would not meet this challenge.
  • They also have a requirement to meet demand for highly available and scalable infrastructure for their growing digital customer base, operating in highly seasonal markets.


  • A platform for migrating on-premises workloads into AWS using a combination of Stax’s sophisticated account provisioning and assurance technologies.
  • Powerful, granular, actionable insights into cost and compliance.
  • Customer-centric approach, with a dedicated customer success team that provides value above and beyond what can be self-serviced.


  • Cloud foundations established in a matter of days.
  • As a result, the cloud migration was completed in seven months.
  • EVENT has been able to make cost reductions of around 30% since go-live.
  • Ongoing evergreen foundations mean EVENT’s developers can focus on core activities, rather than maintenance.
  • EVENT can make smarter business decisions about cloud consumption, based on near-real-time cost and compliance data.
  • Enhanced customer experience with AWS cloud reliability and increased capacity.
  • EVENT can move up the technology stack to focus on strategic business outcomes.


For more details on how Stax enabled a rapid cloud journey and ongoing benefits, download the full case study.


By Team Stax