Simplified AWS account management with Stax


Use Stax to optimize account management within AWS, with security guardrails and drift protection in place to ensure your engineers can operate safely in the cloud.

Account Management

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Manage all your AWS accounts in a centralized and repeatable fashion


Cloud administrators can create pre-hardened AWS accounts via the Stax console or programmatically via the Stax API. Stax provides a repeatable, consistent and reliable way in which to create and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of a multi-account environment.

Create new AWS accounts swiftly

With Stax, developers can build out a new, robust AWS account in minutes. Simply provide the requisite information and a new member account will be added to your Stax AWS Organization. 

  • All Stax-created AWS accounts are built in alignment with Stax Assurance, which adheres to the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and the AWS Well-Architected Framework, ensuring the highest level of quality.

  • Log and audit data for each new account is centralized in the Stax-provisioned Logging account.

  • Each new account is automatically enrolled in native AWS security services, with findings centralized in the Stax-provisioned Security account.

  • Onboard existing AWS accounts from other AWS Organizations with ease.

  • Accounts are routinely updated by Stax to ensure they align with the latest AWS best practices


Protect every AWS account from misuse

Ensure that each team in your organization adheres to the principles of least privilege when accessing accounts.

  • Create your own business-specific, region-specific service control policies (SCPs) that can be replicated across multiple AWS accounts for consistency and repeatability.

  • Maintain complete visibility over where SCPs are applied in your AWS Organization.

  • Prevent misuse and misconfiguration with Stax guardrails, which help operate at an Organization-level and span across all your accounts.

Govern how users access your AWS Accounts

Centrally control identity and access for all your AWS accounts

  • Grant tailored levels of access for your users, reducing the risk of over-extending access permissions across your AWS Organization.

  • Measure the compliance of identity and access controls against recognised industry standards.


See how simple it is


Take a comprehensive tour of our AWS account management solution with one of our experts to find out how Stax can help you create and access secure, consistent accounts with ease. Contact a member of our team to book a product demo today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS account management?

In order for your organization to operate in alignment with best practice, you’ll need to build out a multi-account environment. Within Stax, this environment is based upon the Stax Foundation accounts, which include the Management, Security and Logging accounts. AWS member accounts can be added to this environment to segregate business functions, workloads and data . An AWS account fulfills two primary functions; firstly, an account is the basic container for all the AWS resources you create as an AWS customer. Every resource is uniquely identified by an Amazon Resource Name (ARN), which includes details of every account ID that contains or owns the resource. Secondly, AWS accounts create a basic security boundary for AWS resources. Resources that you create in your account are available to users who have credentials for your account and also to resources outside this account that have appropriate permissions. Account management is about managing the end-to-end lifecycle of an account, from creation to closure. Throughout this process, Stax provides the tools and functionality to ensure that account management is as simplified, so that you can focus on building value for your business.

Why is AWS account management important?

Without robust account management practices in place, it is difficult to ensure that your business data and applications remain both secure and highly available to users. Misconfigured accounts increase the risk of security incidents and system outages. This may be due to malicious actors gaining access to accounts or developers accidentally committing code that impacts business services. Stax helps to minimize the potential for misconfiguration, by providing an account management process that is consistent and reliable across your entire AWS Organization.

What does Stax do better than AWS?

All accounts created using Stax are hardened in accordance with Stax Assurance, which ensures they adhere to the principles of the CIS Foundation Benchmarks, the AWS Well-Architectured Framework and the AWS Security Reference Architecture (SRA). The platform allows you to create fully featured accounts in minutes, ensuring all the accounts you need can be made available from day one. Stax also allows you to log into any of your AWS accounts centrally from Stax, using access permissions that are governed within Stax.  

Thanks to its centralized account management platform, Stax ensures consistent controls and governance exists across multiple accounts. Stax provides clear visibility of your accounts and prevents drift from AWS best practices by keeping your accounts up-to-date with the latest AWS releases.

While some AWS account management tools offer pre-configured accounts, Stax provides additional protections that ensure you can operate securely and confidently in the cloud. Stax’s automated process for creating, updating, and closing AWS accounts ensures consistency and repeatability, alleviating teams from needing to manage this themselves and gives them a headstart for building in AWS.

How many AWS accounts should I have?

The number of accounts you need is dependent upon the size and structure of your organization, the number of teams you have and the functionality of each team

Stax provides you with a Foundation upon which you can build your multi-account environment. This Foundation is made up of the Management, Security and Logging accounts.

What kind of support is available when using the tool?

We provide full technical support for Stax to all of our customers, ensuring that help is always on hand when you need it.

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Stax gives you greater visibility and control over your AWS organization. If you want to get a headstart on AWS account management, you can try AWS a different way with Stax. Speak to one of our team today to see how we can help you enhance how you manage and access your AWS account.