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Conceptualised by Australian technology consultancy Versent, Stax was brought to life in 2016 by three cloud-savvy employees who were frustrated with the lack of visibility surrounding AWS deployments. And when their customers voiced the same frustrations, it seemed like a good time to take action.

Taking a design and customer-led approach to development, the Stax team created an intuitive AWS monitoring tool that takes the guesswork out of AWS management. Stax is always improving and the team works closely with their customers to make sure the features they build hit the mark.

What the press says

Stax was driven by the most common complaint we hear from enterprises that use cloud infrastructure services, that they don't know where everything is and can't keep track of it.

The purpose of Stax is to make understanding and managing cloud easy, further increasing confidence for enterprises moving to the cloud and helping to improve maturity in AWS.

Versent created the spinout software company, Stax, whose mission is to help users answer the question ‘where is my s_it’.

A tool such as Stax can give you all the visibility you need into your cloud costs as well as your compliance obligations, organised in a way that matches your business.

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