Stax Tags on AWS Accounts

Published 15 Jun 2021

Account tags in Stax will now propagate to the AWS account in AWS Organizations.

Since inception, Stax has permitted assigning tags to Stax-managed accounts. Those tags will now be propagated to the underlying AWS account. Tags will be in the format of stax:user:<tag_key>.

In addition to any tags you create, Stax assigns other tags to Stax-managed AWS accounts, including:

  • stax:organisationid (The identifier for your Stax tenancy, in UUID format)
  • stax:accounttypeid (The identifier for the account's Account Type, in UUID format)
  • stax:accounttypename (The name of the account's Account Type)
  • stax:accountname (The name of the account)

It is important to note that changes made to account tags directly within AWS will not be reflected in Stax, so it is recommended that you make changes to account tags from within Stax using the console, API, or SDK.

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