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The only native AWS Cloud Management Platform

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Everything you need to start strong and stay strong on AWS cloud

Extraordinary from Day One and every day that follows

Whether you’re looking to migrate to AWS or renovate an existing environment, you’ll want to do it securely, in compliance with industry standards, free from risks and within your designated budgets.

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Build vs Buy: understand how you SAVE with Stax.

You can easily save millions of dollars over a 3 year period working with Stax vs building your own cloud environments.

Discover your savings by using our Cost Calculator below.

We've loaded the platform

with all the good things

Developed by developers for developers, Stax is preconfigured with industrial strength controls for security, identity and access management, network connectivity and real-time monitoring.


Why use AWS?

No two clouds are the same. That's why we chose to purpose build Stax for AWS, the largest tech provider in the world with the best architecture and framework for a cloud ecosystem.

As an AWS Partner, Stax is uniquely positioned to help you grow and scale your business  making the exploration of AWS second nature. The confidence Stax provides, will empower you to focus on your core business and drive innovation further up the stack.

Now, navigating AWS can be done confidently and at pace. With Stax, you will see the benefits and value of AWS sooner.

Step up into immediate and continued success with Stax.

  1. Well-Architected, Secure & Resilient Foundations
  2. Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Common & Critical Functions
  3. API-Enabled Developer Experience
  4. Real-Time Guardrails for Security, Risk, Cost & Compliance
  5. Governance & Transparency across the entire cloud ecosystem
  6. Continuously up-to-date with AWS releases

What our customers have to say

We think Stax is the absolute best way to manage your cloud. But then again, we’re a little biased.

So don’t take our word for it, hear what our satisfied customers have to say.

“The people at Stax are passionate about delivering best in market AWS monitoring and management, and we recognize the tremendous value they provide. Our objective in using Stax is to move away from risky practices to best practices, which will help to ensure the success of the company.”
Michael Ridgway Carsales
“The Stax solution was terrific for our Foresight AI build. It cut development time and costs and provided us with the exact secure data environment we needed for the project and our clients.”
Richard Peter Daymark
“We asked AWS to recommend a partner that could provide management tools to meet our requirements, and Stax was the best fit. Stax provides foundational and account management capabilities but also helps with cost management and compliance monitoring. It’s a package of integrated functionality that I haven’t seen in other standalone solutions.”
Peter Bourke Event Hospitality

Do what you love, the way you love

With an API first approach, you can automate a range of previously manual tasks, or use the web console for a visual experience.


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