Discover Who Created AWS Accounts

Published 23 Feb 2021

You can now find out who created/onboarded Stax-managed AWS accounts using the Stax API or SDK. This allows for enhanced visibility into your AWS accounts and where they originated.

For accounts created using Stax, the CreatedBy field will now return the UUID of the user that created the account. For accounts onboarded into Stax, the CreatedBy field will reflect the identity of the user who performed the onboarding action. You can retrieve this information using the Fetch Accounts API endpoint or ReadAccounts in the SDK. This can be further resolved to the user's details using the Fetch Stax Users, Federated Users and API Tokens API endpoint, or ReadUsers in the SDK.

Check out your installation's API documentation to find out more about how to use the Fetch Accounts endpoint:

Check out the SDK examples to find out more about how to use the ReadAccounts and ReadUsers methods.


  • This update applies to all Stax-managed AWS accounts created or onboarded on or after 23 February 2021. Accounts created or onboarded prior to this date will not return any CreatedBy information.

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