Stax Networking ECR VPC Endpoint Fix

Published 12 Nov 2020

A bug has been resolved that prevented the deployment of Fargate containers into a private subnet within a Stax Networks VPC. When trying to deploy a container, you may have received an error message similar to the following:

CannotPullContainerError: failed to resolve ref
"": failed to do
request: Head
dial tcp: lookup 751463547...

This error was caused by the absence of a specific DNS record for the ECR VPC Interface endpoint.

To resolve this issue, when the ECR Interface endpoint is enabled in a Networking Hub, a new Route 53 resource record will be created for *.dkr.ecr.<region> This resource record will permit images to be pulled from ECR for use within Fargate.

If you have existing Networking Hubs in place, you must disable and enable the ECR Interface endpoint to create the new Route 53 resource record.

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