Centralized, secure infrastructure deployment

When you’re ready to go live, Stax helps bring your applications to the cloud

Streamline your deployment process

Workloads are packages of Infrastructure as Code that can be deployed to one or more AWS accounts. Define them once, deploy to as many accounts as you like, as many times as you like. Learn more about Workloads.

Focus on building great apps

Stax handles Workload orchestration, so you won’t need to worry about the details. Deployment, versioning and termination are taken care of for you. You'll have more time to build infrastructure that achieves your business outcomes.

Collaboration made easy

Workloads can be added to the Workload Catalog, making them available to other users in your organization. Share your infrastructure with the rest of your team and simplify your workflow.

Deploy securely with automated access controls

Stax improves deployment security by acting as a buffer between your build tools and AWS, providing you with a consistent interface. Deploy infrastructure securely without manual configuration.

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