Watch: Stax co-founder James Coxon on AWS Community Chats

Stream the full video interview to learn more about the story of Stax and how it helps businesses build on AWS

In this video interview with AWS, Stax co-founder and chief product officer James Coxon explains the story of Stax, and how the platform helps businesses solve the challenges of cloud.

Topics covered include:

  • Stax was built on experience gained developing bespoke cloud solutions for customers
  • Customers clearly articulated their challenges: they didn't have the time or personnel to build and maintain their cloud ecosystems themselves, and they wanted to consume the platform as a service
  • The benefits Stax offers for customers
  • How Stax helped customer loyalty platform Flybuys migrate 8.6 million customers to the cloud
  • How Stax assists businesses at all stages of their cloud journey

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