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  • Set Up Real-Time Rule Alerts

    Last updated 19 Oct 2021

    Real-Time Rule Alerts alerts you within minutes when compliance rules you've configured become non-compliant.

  • Consuming StaxTrail

    Last updated 19 Oct 2021

    StaxTrail is Stax's centralized logging component. You can consume StaxTrail logs into your existing SIEM solution by either subscribing to an SNS Topic, or by reviewing the contents of an S3 bucket.

  • Rules

    Last updated 17 Sep 2021

    Whether you're interested in tracking your compliance with industry standards or looking to track compliance with your internal standards, Stax has rule bundles and custom rules to match all your needs.

  • Set Up Targeted Rule Alerts

    Last updated 13 Jul 2021

    Ensure that the right alerts get to the right person at the right time using Targeted Rule Alerts.

  • Manage Rule Bundles

    Last updated 22 Jan 2021

    How to add, edit and remove Bundles, and using Rule Bundles in your Rules list.

  • Add a Rule in Stax

    Last updated 22 Jan 2021

    There are two ways of adding Rules in Stax - either by adding an existing Bundle or by adding a configurable Rule from the catalog.

  • CIS Benchmark

    Last updated 22 Jan 2021

    The CIS (Center for Internet Security) Benchmark is a set of best practices designed specifically to help you keep AWS secure.

  • Click to Re-evaluate

    Last updated 22 Jan 2021

    Re-evaluate your compliance rules with the click of a button