The Story of Stax

We’re taking cloud management to the next level

Our Mission

Stax exists with the purpose of making customer lives easier, by providing a secure and compliant platform on which to automate and streamline repeatable development functions in AWS.

We work closely with mid-size and enterprise organizations looking to embrace cloud, offering an out-of-the-box solution that addresses many of the common challenges faced when migrating to or getting started in AWS.

Our goal is to bring consistency to your cloud with a secure platform and a suite of automation features, all architected to best-practice standards for a seamless deployment process so you can focus on strategic business outcomes, not cloud maintenance.

It’s our mission, and ongoing commitment to you.

Our Story

Founded and developed by a team of industry experts, Stax was created to provide analysis, recommendation, implementation, and maintenance of AWS ecosystems. We're all about innovation and continuously improving our processes, so you can rest assured if there's a better way of doing something, we'll find it.

As part of the Versent Group, Stax was born out of the lessons learned and experience gained from delivering cloud foundation solutions to hundreds of customers. We initially focused on a SaaS solution, Stax Cost & Compliance, that enabled customers to reduce their AWS spend, cut wastage, and improve their risk and security posture. This was helpful for organizations already in the cloud, but it became clear many enterprises need assistance to get started and maintain their cloud ecosystem.

We realized the core requirements for around 80% of customers were consistent and set about finding a way to streamline processes through automation. After all, who wouldn’t want to get started in the cloud in a matter of days?

And so Stax was created. An out-of-the-box enterprise-grade platform that would allow organizations to make better use of internal teams, building their own solutions on a secure ecosystem for a fraction of the typical time and cost investment.

And while it’s early days, we already have more than 200 active customers across three continents—ranging from fast food to luxury brands to ASX Top 20 companies—all benefiting from our industry expertise in cloud implementation and hands-on experience with AWS products and services.

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