There's a better way to cloud.

Stax was born out of the lessons and experience gained from nearly a decade spent delivering enterprise-grade cloud solutions to hundreds of AWS customers. It was here our founders realized they could help accelerate the requirements for cloud migrations and automate maintenance by providing a secure and compliant, feature-rich platform to help businesses operate in the AWS Cloud.

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About Us

We help organizations get the most from their AWS environments, offering a sophisticated yet streamlined solution, to an inherently complex global problem.

Developed by a team of industry experts, Stax provides analysis, recommendation, implementation, and maintenance of an AWS ecosystem. We’re all about innovation and continuously challenging ourselves. So you can rest assured, if there’s a better way of doing it, we’ll develop it.

The cornerstone of AWS

Our goal is to bring consistency to your cloud with a secure platform and a suite of automation features, all architected to best-practice standards for a seamless deployment process so you can focus on strategic business outcomes, not cloud maintenance. 

It's our mission, and ongoing commitment to you.


We are the better way to cloud. Native to AWS, we are constantly evolving, keeping you ahead of change. Our framework is designed to maintain pace with AWS, keeping you constantly updated. Consistent methodologies, repeatable processes are in our DNA. Our prefabricated frameworks establish a best practice cloud foundation.


Stax takes care of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. The only platform that fully automates and optimises AWS. Stax manages of all critical components, so you can innovate faster, get ahead and stay on track.


Step up into continuous success. Stax accelerates your time to value. Eliminate the burden of building with an off the shelf AWS native cloud management platform. Unlock the opportunities of AWS faster.

As an award winning business we are thrilled to service customers across the globe from varied industries.

From start-ups to enterprise organizations our customers are confident to create success faster, smarter, because we have mastered the cloud.

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