Speed to get going.

Pace to keep going.

You may have a team of people to deliver your cloud projects, but do you have the time to build from scratch? With Stax we can help accelerate your journey to the cloud in a fraction of the time.


Stax handles all the AWS essentials
so you don’t have to, working around the clock to keep your cloud up-to-date

Although many businesses have already migrated their on-premises infrastructure to a cloud environment, some have yet to make the jump. When you consider the numerous benefits of cloud computing, it is surprising that such a large percentage of companies are still using legacy systems on a daily basis. According to IDC, 54% of enterprise workloads are still deployed on-premises.

Some may be reluctant to migrate because they do not have the in-house expertise needed to establish a solid cloud foundation. Others may struggle with cost concerns or security stresses. But some may simply be stuck in a legacy mindset, unaware of the cloud benefits their organization could be enjoying right now.

But there’s never been a better time to make the jump. If your company has yet to migrate its data, applications, and services to a cloud platform, the following information on the cloud benefits AWS has to offer may persuade you to investigate a cloud migration.

Always secure, compliant and up-to-date

Always secure, compliant and

Keep track of your AWS activity in one place.

The Stax Logging Account provides a source of truth for all auditing and log information of activity.

Design and Build - foundations - Keep
Design and Build - foundations - Secure

Security management made simple and centralized.

The Stax Security Account keeps all security controls centralized. To protect Stax resources and maintain platform integrity, Stax attaches a default policy to your AWS Organization. You can choose Stax-defined Policies or define your own.

Get started with AWS minutes not days

Get started with AWS in minutes not days.

A typical migration can take months. With Stax, you can set up your AWS foundations in less than a week.


Event Hospitality 

Stax handles all the AWS essentials

Stax event

“We asked AWS to recommend a partner that could provide management tools to meet our requirements, and Stax was the best fit. Stax provides foundational and account management capabilities but also helps with cost management and compliance monitoring. It’s a package of integrated functionality that I haven’t seen in other standalone solutions.”

Peter Bourke
Director of IT
Piggy bank


Event accelerated its AWS migration with Stax, then made ongoing AWS cost savings of 30%.


7 Days

Event's cloud foundations were established in 7 days.