AWS native security tools for your cloud management platform

Every aspect of Stax is built with security in mind.


The most secure foundation available

Tenant isolation at the AWS account level provides the most reliable, secure form of isolation, recommended by AWS. Stax maintains a separate AWS Organization for each Stax customer, ensuring that your own data is kept separate and secure.

Minimize vulnerabilities

Stax’s components and data are organized to place those with similar threat exposure and protection requirements within the same logical Security Zones (levels of trust). This structure minimizes the attack surface by limiting the pathways or entry points that are available to attackers.

Securely govern AWS

The Stax Control Plane performs cloud management tasks in line with AWS best practices, with defined roles and logging enabled. Stax Management establishes and maintains visibility and control over AWS services. Stax’s automated tasks use an AWS role to access your AWS accounts to perform tasks specific to AWS Account Assurance, along with various other tasks.

Benchmarked AWS configurations

Stax-provisioned AWS configurations are tested against the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark. Stax also constantly monitors your configuration against the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark so you know your security is top-notch.


View all AWS activity

A dedicated logging account provides an established logging security pattern, isolating your logging requirements. All API activity, user logins and user actions are logged. You can configure a custom set of alerts for the things you care about most. Stax leverages AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon GuardDuty extensively to detect, monitor and maintain this logging service.

Continuous monitoring

Stax monitors console and API usage for errors as they occur operationally. This lets our engineers quickly identify and remediate security issues at the platform level, so Stax is always secure and ready for you to use.


We have your back

The Stax platform is highly secure. It enables you to build your own secure, compliant cloud apps for your projects. But if things go wrong and you have an issue, rest assured that we have a comprehensive support process that can help you get back up on your feet.

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What makes Stax the most secure AWS foundation available?

As the only native Cloud management platform for AWS, Stax has an unfair advantage when it comes to implementing security protocols in the Amazon Cloud. Stax uses tenant isolation to provide the most secure environment for your apps and services. Amazon recommends the use of tenant isolation for optimal security, and with our management software, you can easily follow their recommendation whilst taking advantage of the most effective AWS native security tools available. By maintaining an individual AWS Organisation for each customer, we keep your data safe and secure.

What are Stax’s key security features?

With Stax, all components and data in the Cloud are sorted into groups, based on required protection and vulnerability to external threats. In this way, data and resources with similar requirements are placed into the same security zone, creating a structure that minimizes the potential entry points available for attackers to exploit. Stax also provides continuous monitoring of API and console usage, with any potential issues flagged for our engineers to investigate. If you take AWS security as seriously as we do, you will find that Stax offers the most effective security solution for all the data, apps, and services that your business deploys in the Cloud.

Why is security so important when using AWS?

Cloud platforms make it easy for businesses to deploy highly available distributed apps and services but they also pose security challenges that need to be addressed. Because a public Cloud environment such as AWS is always connected to the Internet, you need rock-solid security to keep your data safe at all times. Fortunately, AWS security features are very effective and with Stax to help you monitor and maintain them, you can ensure that your data in the Cloud benefits from the highest level of protection.

What kind of support is available for the Stax security tools?

As AWS management and configuration experts, we are able to provide full technical support to your business from the moment you start using Stax and the AWS security monitoring tools it has to offer. You can raise new support cases and manage existing cases from within your Stax console, making it very easy for your team to get the help they need whenever they encounter an issue that they are unable to resolve.

How do I get started?

If you would like to try our AWS Cloud security tools for yourself and discover exactly how Stax works, please feel free to request a full demo today. Our team will be delighted to help you explore all of the capabilities that Stax offers and to answer any questions you may have about our native AWS Cloud management software.