Best-practice security automation for AWS with Stax security controls

Stax makes security a no-brainer.

Secure accounts from day one

Stax Account Assurance automatically applies security controls to all AWS accounts within a customer's Organization, making them more resilient and resistant to external threats right from day one. Stax enables and configures AWS services like AWS Organizations, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail to achieve this.

Guardrails for your safety

AWS Service Control Policies are used to specify the maximum available permissions for all AWS accounts in an AWS Organization. This allows you to ensure all accounts are within organizational access control guidelines. With these guardrails in place, you can refine your permissions to suit your business.

Secure user access your way

Stax makes managing user access simple. With the Stax Identity Broker (IDAM), configure your team access to Stax and your AWS accounts, using your existing Identity Provider or directly through Stax. Govern who accesses what with permissions and Role-based Access Controls. Learn more about how Stax manages access

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