Don’t be caught out.

Stax provides visibility into potential risk vectors, so that you’re
always on top of your risk profile in AWS.

Ensure your data is in the right place. View where in the world your AWS services are running, and drill into exactly what is running in each region.

Setup region alerts so you know if something pops up in a place you’re not allowed to operate in.

Avoid deployment failures by being alerted before you hit your on-demand instance limits.

See which security groups are open to the internet, which ports they’re open on and which instances they’re attached to.

Make sure access to your data in S3 is locked down, will visibility of all S3 buckets with open permissions

Stay on top of who can do what in your AWS accounts. See all IAM users across all your accounts, in one place. Drill down to see what level of access they have and how active they’ve been lately.