Proactively manage and reduce cloud risk

Stax aligns to your organization's technology risk management framework.

Remove the risk with Rules

Make sure your team adheres to your technology risk management framework. Stax Rules allow you to track your team’s alignment to internal policies when working in AWS. Customize to your needs by building a unique compliance Rule set from a list of templates, and decide where in your organization to assign each Rule. Learn more about Rules.

Measure up against industry standards

Stax helps you achieve risk and compliance standards like PCI, APRA, the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Standards can be targeted to either your entire organization or to relevant resources. Learn about Rule Bundles.

Customize risk and compliance

Use Stax to create your own custom risk and compliance checks, targeting items that are particularly impactful for your risk posture. Just because it’s not in the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important to your business.

Fix issues as they arise

Stax offers a highly configurable alert system, allowing you to receive notifications that matter to you. Receive an alert when your resources fail specific Rules you have deemed high-priority. Receive notifications the way you need: email, Slack, or via a webhook. Regular reports summarizing your organization’s overall risk status help to keep you informed.

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