What you can measure, you can manage

Stax measures the quality of your AWS deployments, and
gives you clear recommendations on how to improve,
educating your teams on how to leverage the AWS platform
to get the full benefit of cloud.

Our quality assessment brings a comprehensive set of automated checks that
align to best practise into one place. We lean heavily on industry guidelines for
best practise, our experience and our pals at AWS to curate this list, and we’re
always adding to it so that you’re up to date.

Automated checks that align to 5 key dimensions of best practice, compiled by industry experts.

A quality score to report on and track as your team implements recommended changes to improve the quality of their deployments;

Call outs where poor quality is resulting in wastage;

Drill into each check to understand what we’re checking, why it’s important, and see a recommended action to improve;

See how your quality score could improve for each check, if you implement the recommended action;

Download the details of each check to CSV, so you can share them with your team.