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2% AWS spend

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Insights for a better cloud

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Chargeback to better understand your costs

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Security checks for more robust workloads

Daily and weekly summaries to never miss a thing

Alerting to always have you covered

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If you cancel, you will automatically be downgraded to Stax Basic, which still gives you free access to daily summary emails and alerts to never miss a thing in your AWS.


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Personalised support for large scale setups

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SSO and Identity Federation

Fine-grained user access control

Personalised support and on-site training

Named account manager to help you integrate Stax within your organisation

Quarterly strategic AWS review

"First of all, thanks for such a great product – we’ve been a customer for a week and it has already revolutionised how we as a business look at AWS."

Ian Havelock, IT and Data Security Manager at Red Flag Alert
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