The Exciting Part About Everest Isn't Base Camp, It's Reaching the Summit!


Planning to migrate to the cloud?

Just like AWS, the exciting part of your cloud expedition is when you build further up the stack, but you can only start once you’ve built your foundations.

The reality is Stax gives you a shortcut, essentially letting you hitch a ride to Base Camp and climb the rest of the way on fresh legs. 

That’s because Stax is an enterprise-grade, production-ready platform that provides you with everything you need .

Everything you need to make the climb

Engineered to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, with prefabricated patterns and proactive guardrails, you’ll have a platform ready to build on in just days.

And with no acclimatizing needed, your engineers will be free to focus on building applications rather than operationalizing foundations.

That alone will save you a trek that would otherwise take months in the planning, preparation and hard grind.

But the rewards don’t end there. Stax is built on an evergreen cloud foundation, covers the majority of the industry security and compliance standards, and you’ll only pay as you go, avoiding the extraordinary cap-ex you would have spent building it yourself.

The rewards of a quick expedition.








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