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Identity & Access
Identity & Access
Security Controls
Security Controls
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Identity & Access Management— without the burden of effort

Securely manage access to Stax and AWS with speed.


Easily assign user roles and permission

Easily assign
user roles and permissions

By collecting multiple Stax users into User Groups, you can configure their AWS permissions simultaneously. This enables flexible, fine-grained permissions control that can closely align with business functions. Users can sign in to AWS accounts via the Stax Console using roles assigned to them by their administrator.

Log in via Stax or bring your existing identity provider

Stax streamlines access by accommodating the IAM provider you already use. Keep things simple for your users, and more secure for your organization.

Manage user access everywhere that matters

Easily balance team collaboration while adhering to essential security standards. Stax offers a convenient method for ensuring team members can only access the AWS accounts and Stax actions they require. Manage from a central location to keep access under control, and ensure there’s a record with full authentication logging enabled by default.
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Proactively manage and reduce AWS cloud risk

Stax makes security a no-brainer.


Secure accounts from day one

Stax Account Assurance automatically applies security controls to all AWS accounts within a customer's Organization, making them more resilient and resistant to external threats right from day one. Stax enables and configures AWS services like AWS Organizations, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail to achieve this.
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Guardrails for your safety

AWS Service Control Policies are used to specify the maximum available permissions for all AWS accounts in an AWS Organization. This allows you to ensure all accounts are within organizational access control guidelines. With these guardrails in place, you can refine your permissions to suit your business.

Secure user access your way

Stax makes managing user access simple. With the Stax Identity Broker (IDAM), configure your team access to Stax and your AWS accounts, using your existing Identity Provider or directly through Stax. Govern who accesses what with permissions and Role-based Access Controls.

Proactively manage and reduce AWS cloud risk

Stax aligns to your organization's technology risk management framework.


Proactive and reactive risk controls work together to reduce risk

Companies in the cloud face an ongoing challenge: how to protect critical infrastructure and customer data while still allowing teams to deliver at pace? Stax allows for safe processes without impacting delivery velocity using automated patterns offering a high level of security and lowering the impact of human error. Guardrails also help govern what teams can access and the actions they can perform, in line with best practices. Stax also allows businesses to establish continuous monitoring for risk items, called Rules, which alert your team when a change impacts your risk posture.
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Achieve compliance standards

Confidently maintain adherence to relevant industry risk and compliance standards like PCI, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) standards, the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Standards can be targeted to either your entire organization or to relevant resources. When standards are updated, so is Stax, with full versioning capability.
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Fix issues fast with real-time alerts

Stax offers continuous monitoring across all risk items, alerting you in near real-time when your resources begin to fail compliance checks, enabling rapid issue resolution and minimizing risk exposure. Make changes to your AWS resources, knowing you will be alerted immediately if your risk posture is impacted. Real-time Rule Alerts incur no extra cost and are a standard feature of Stax.
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Customize risk and compliance checks for what matters

Just because it’s not in the CIS standard, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Create custom risk and compliance checks targeting items that are particularly impactful for your risk posture. Set up Targeted Rule Alerts so when issues need addressing, the right people receive the right alerts in the right way: by email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or via a webhook.

Take control of your AWS costs with Stax

By the time you see the bill it can often be too late. Cut wastage. Track spend. Make informed business decisions.



Eliminate AWS wastage

If you don’t feel in control of your cloud spend, you’re not alone. In our experience, most organizations are wasting 10-35% of their AWS spend without realizing. If that’s you, Stax can help get it under control. Receive an alert when you’ve overspent on your budget, along with advice for fixing the problem. Right-size your infrastructure, reserve EC2 upfront, remove infrastructure you’re not using. Spend your money where it matters.

No more guesswork

Gain total visibility across your organization’s AWS accounts and resources, complete with snapshots into actual and predicted spend, along with data on tax, credits, savings plans, RI purchases and support costs.

Take charge of cost allocation

Cost allocation can be a nightmare. Stax provides full transparency on AWS cost attribution giving you the data to pivot quickly when needed. Allocate spend across your organization and by team, project, AWS account, service or resource tag.

Make bill shock a
thing of the past

Don't wait for the bill to make a difference— take action early with daily or weekly reports summarizing your organization’s AWS usage. Make sure everyone hears the good or bad (mostly good) news with configurable alerts, delivered by email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or via a webhook.

Fix cost spikes quickly

Receive an automated alert when your daily run rate exceeds the average. Then you can investigate the issue and cut back before it becomes a problem.

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