Build connections faster with AWS network automation

Establish secure networks with that will seamlessly scale with your business

Create a network in a few simple steps

Rapidly create a secure network to support your business outcomes. With a simple step-by-step process and pre-configured patterns, Stax orchestrates the network creation process, making it easy to connect your AWS resources with each other or with on-premises data centers.

Centralized network management

Spend less time configuring networks with Stax. A central networking hub lets you view and manage your networks in one place, simplifying your workflow and improving efficiency. Advanced options allow you to cater to your unique networking needs.

Backed by AWS-native technology

Stax leverages a wide variety of AWS primitives to deliver a secure, advanced cloud network. This approach is based on years of experience building enterprise-grade networks. The technology is robust, well-tested and follows industry best-practices. Whenever AWS releases an update or security change to the underlying technology, Stax can test and add them to your environment when it will benefit your business, maintaining a cutting-edge networking solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS network automation?

AWS network automation is the ability to deploy advanced cloud network solutions in your AWS ecosystem without having to manually configure each component that comprises the overall network infrastructure. Using this automation, new networks can be created by following a step-by-step process, using flexible templates.

How can Stax help with AWS network automation?

Stax includes a number of advanced features designed to facilitate network automation in AWS. In addition to VPC templates, Stax offers a central network management hub that provides you with an overview of all your AWS networks, along with the tools you need to configure and manage them.

What are the key features of Stax’s network automation?

At the core of our network automation functionality is the networks hub, which shows you all of your created networks and allows you to make configuration changes quickly and easily. The network templates enable you to create new networks from scratch without having to worry about the complexities usually associated with this task.

Through our direct connect and site-to-site VPN services, you’re also able to connect your AWS workload to your on-premises environment. This means you’ve got easy access to all of your online or offline resources and can also control privacy effectively. We’re able to create these connections on your behalf, or you can attach existing ones as required.

What kind of support is available when using Stax AWS network automation services?

The Stax console provides you with the ability to raise new support cases at any time. Our team is available to provide you with technical support whenever you need it, either online or over the phone.

How do I get started?

If you would like to find out more about how Stax works and the capabilities our team and services have to offer, you can request a full demo right now.