Stax Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Covered Services


Stax is based on a request/response architecture. The Stax Service Level Agreement (SLA)s and the covered services are therefore provided on this basis across all APIs, functions and services across all Stax customers within a Geographic Region. In addition to this, Stax uses several synthetic services to constantly monitor availability and trigger alerts in the event of unavailability.

During the term of your Stax Subscription, Stax ("Stax", "we" or "us") will provide a Monthly Available Percentage of at least 99.95% for the Covered Service for each monthly billing cycle, subject to the provisions below.

Covered Service Monthly Available Percentage
Stax Console >= 99.95%
Stax API >= 99.95%



The following definitions apply to the SLA.

The following definitions apply to the SLA.

Covered Service means:

  • Stax Console: The set of functions that exist within the Stax web user interface.
  • Stax API: The set of functions which allow programmatic access to Stax. A list of the APIs available can be found at

Monthly Available Percentage is calculated as total Valid Requests minus total number of Error Responses, divided by total Valid Requests in a billing month.

Monthly Available Percentage is represented by the following formula:

Monthly Available % = (Total Valid Requests – Total Error Responses) / Total Valid Requests

Valid Request(s) means a Customer initiated request that:

  • conforms to Documentation
  • would normally result in a non-error response

Error Responses means a Valid Request returned a response that:

  • meets an error classification response of HTTP Status 50x and Code

Total Valid Requests means the total Valid Requests of all customers’ in the Geographic Region in a calendar month.

Total Error Responses means the total Error Responses from all of the customers in the Geographic Region in a calendar month.

Scheduled Downtime means maintenance or updates to the Covered Service which has been scheduled and notified to the Customer at least a week in advance. Scheduled Downtime will not exceed one hour.

Back-off Requirements means, when an Error Response is received, the Customer is responsible for waiting for a period of time before issuing another Valid Request. After receiving an Error Response, a minimum back-off interval of 1 second applies and for each consecutive Error Response, the back-off interval increases exponentially up to 32 seconds.

If the Customer is using the Stax SDK, the Back-off Requirements do not apply. The Stax SDK is downloadable via the Stax console.

What the SLA covers

Stax will offer a Monthly Available Commitment as defined about as the Monthly Available Percentage on the Covered Service during any monthly billing cycle.

The Monthly Available Commitment does not include repeat identical requests and these shall not count towards Error Responses unless they conform to the Back-off Requirements.

SLA Exclusions

The SLA does not apply to any:

  • Preview, pre-release or beta versions of a Covered Service (unless otherwise set forth in the associated documentation).

This SLA does not apply to any performance or availability issues that:

1. Results from Customer's or any third party appointed by Customer, failure to use the Covered Services in accordance with the Documentation or any other reasonable request or instruction from time-to-time;

2. A Force Majeure Event;

3. Are caused by Scheduled Downtime;

4. Occur from issues resulting from inadequate bandwidth, network or device failure; Result from breach of these Stax terms.

Service Credits

In the event any of the Covered Services do not meet the SLA, you will be eligible to receive a credit as described below.

Monthly Available Percentage Credit % on monthly Stax Licensing & Maintenance invoice
< 99.95% 2.5%
< 99.5% 5%

Note 1:
 The maximum Service Credit applicable for any month is 5% - i.e. it is not applied cumulatively.

Note 2: Any Service Credits paid under this SLA will be deducted from any other claims made for breach under this Agreement.

To receive a Service Credit, you must submit a claim by opening a Stax support case.

To be eligible, the claim request must be submitted by the end of the second billing cycle after which the incident occurred and must include:

1. the dates and times of the unavailability incident with respect to which you are claiming;

2. the affected service;

If your claim is confirmed to be eligible for a Service Credit, then we will issue a credit as a percentage discount on your next monthly Stax invoice.

Failure to provide the claim request and other information as required above will disqualify you from receiving a Service Credit.

Service Credits will not entitle you to any refund or other payment and may not be deferred, transferred or applied to any other account.

Your account must be paid up in full, in compliance with our Payment terms, to be eligible for a Service Credit.

Stax reserves the right to modify the terms of this SLA. If these changes constitute a material detriment to the Customer, we must get your prior written consent to these changes.

Version History 3.0 November 2021