AWS Services Terms

The AWS Services Terms is between the Customer and Stax-WMS Pty Ltd (Stax). The AWS Terms below govern the Customers use and access of the AWS services as outlined in an order form. The Customer agrees to adhere to the following AWS Services Terms at all times.

  1. Stax has agreed to act as the authorised reseller for the purposes of collecting a remitting payment for AWS Services listed in the order form.
  2. Stax is acting as a reseller only for the AWS Services and is not responsible for the Customer complying with the terms set out in the AWS Terms nor liable for any acts or omissions of AWS in relation to the Customer or the related AWS Services. Customer is responsible for their accounts. However, Stax will perform certain functions, including invoicing, payment processing as described in the order form. Customer agrees that Stax may change or discontinue any of the AWS Services (in whole or in part) if AWS changes or discontinues them.
  3. To avoid doubt, the AWS Terms must be agreed to by the Customer who will indemnify and hold harmless Stax and its affiliates from and against any losses arising out of or relating to any third-party claim concerning: a. its use of the AWS Services (including any activities under an AWS account and use by employees and personnel); or b. breach of the terms or violation of applicable law.
  4. The AWS Services resold hereunder are sold in conjunction with the Stax Hosted Services. In the event of termination of the Stax Hosted Services for any reason, Stax will be under no obligation to continue to offer AWS Services to Customer.
  5. Customer warrants they are registered Australian business for GST purposes and are not a Public Sector Customer.
  6. All relevant Customer information and use of the AWS Services is reportable to AWS.
  7. Should any discounts be applicable for AWS Services, these will only apply to AWS Eligible Services. The list of AWS Eligible Services are subject to change at any time.


AWS Eligible Services means the AWS services that may be applicable for discounts as listed. The list of AWS Eligible Services are subject to change.

AWS Services means the AWS services an End Customer can access, receive and use through Stax.