Enterprise-grade user management

Stax is designed for teams of all sizes

Manage user access everywhere that matters

Easily balance team collaboration with achieving essential security standards. Stax offers a convenient method for ensuring team members can only access the AWS accounts and Stax actions they require for a task. Manage from a central location and keep access under control.

Use an existing identity provider

Stax streamlines access by accommodating the identity provider you already use. While your team can log in to the Stax console and access the API directly, the platform supports federated logins using your existing SAML or OIDC-compliant identity provider. Keep things simple for your users, and more secure for your organization.

Easily assign user roles and permissions

Assigning privileges to multiple users is easier when you use User Groups. Configure multiple Stax users’ AWS permissions simultaneously, allowing for flexible, fine-grained permissions control that closely aligns with business functions. Learn more about using Groups with to manage AWS access with Stax.

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