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When raising a Stax support case, you are required to select the severity level of the problem. The severity is determined by you based on the impact the problem is having on your business and your perceived urgency.

Severity Levels

The Stax support case severity levels are as follows:

InformationYou require general guidance, have a general development question, or you would like to request a feature
ModerateNon-critical Stax functions are impaired or degraded or you have a time-sensitive development question
SignificantYour business is significantly impacted. One or more important Stax functions are unavailable
CriticalYour business is at risk. One or more critical Stax functions are unavailable

Some Examples:

Information: You require assistance with a billing enquiry.

Moderate: You require a Stax account quota increase which is preventing the creation of a new AWS account.

Significant: Multiple users are unable to access their AWS account.

Critical: Multiple users are unable to log into the Stax Console.

Response Times

Stax support case response times will vary based on your Stax support plan.

Resolution Times

Stax will not guarantee resolution times. This is because the most severe, disruptive problems are more complex and can take longer to fix.

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