Workload Name Lengths

Stax limits the size of your Workload and manifest names.

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AWS CloudFormation has an overall limit of 128 characters for the name of a stack. Stax adds a 36-character identifier (a UUID) to the CloudFormation stack name. This is to ensure that the stack can be properly assigned against the Workload. This leaves a total of 92 characters for the Workload name and the manifest resource name (which includes the joining hyphens).

In addition to the 92 characters available for the Workload name and manifest resource name, Stax also restricts the Workload name length. The Workload name is limited to a maximum of 64 characters. This is to ensure that there is adequate provision for the manifest resource name.

For example, if your Workload name is 64 characters, your manifest resource name must be 26 characters or less. If your Workload name is 48 characters long, you can use the leftover 16 characters to extend the manifest resource name, as long as the combined lengths of these two fields do not exceed 92 including the joining hyphens.

The 128 characters in total include hyphens joining each part to build the stack name like below;

{Workload Name}-{Manifest Name}-{Workload ID}
FieldMaximum Size
Workload Name + Manifest Name92 characters (including the joining hyphens)
Workload Name64 characters
Workload Manifest Name26 characters, plus the remainder in the workload name

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