Why is there a delay in my costs showing?

You may have noticed delays in costs showing in Stax. Anything up to 24 hours is fairly normal.

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Why? There are 2 things that can impact this...

  1. AWS time is UTC. If you're on the east coast of Australia, this is ~11 hours behind, depending on Daylight Saving Time.

  2. The costs you see in Stax are based on the AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) that AWS puts in your billing bucket. AWS puts these in the bucket 3x per day, i.e. every 8 hours, so there can be up to an 8 hour delay in us showing those costs to you.

Once we detect a new report, we process that report and update the data you see in Stax, but this also takes a little bit of time, especially if you have lots of resources and lots of complicated views.

If you notice that your cost data hasn't been updated for more than 24 hours, there are a couple things you can check on your side.

  1. The IAM role that was created to allow Stax to have access to your billing bucket hasn't been deleted, modified or overridden by another policy.

  2. The CUR hasn't been switched off

If both of these look okay, please don't hesitate to raise a support case so we can look into things.