Why doesn't Stax match my bill?

You've been watching your costs in Stax all month and now you've received your bill. Why are they different?

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One of the reasons many companies start using Stax Cost & Compliance is so they can proactively monitor costs throughout the month and avoid bill shock. When they get their AWS bill, one of the first questions they ask Stax is why the cost we show doesn't match what's on their AWS bill.

Generally there is a simple reason. The default cost view in Stax shows is your usage cost. This excludes tax, credits, support, savings plans and reservations (RIs). If you've purchased reserved instances or savings plans, we amortise the cost of those purchases to the instances to which they've been applied separately.

We do this to help you and your other users to understand your actual usage cost. We think this is important because if you're getting credits, using savings plans or RIs, when they run out, you'll be paying a lot more on your AWS bill. It's important to understand how your decisions today will affect your AWS bill long into the future.

How do I get my actual financial cost instead of the usage cost?

Simple. There's a toggle at the top right of the Cost page which turns Financial Mode on and off:

Financial Mode Toggle

You can tell when you have Financial Mode on because the graphs turn yellow and you'll see tax, credits, support, and RI purchases:

Financial Mode View

In Financial Mode, we show your unblended cost rather than the amortised cost shown in Usage Mode. This means your RI purchases will be associated with the account in which they were purchased instead of being spread out over instance usage. Instance usage with an RI applied should cost $0 instead of a portion of the RI purchase cost. Financial Mode should always match your AWS bill.

Does Stax still not match your AWS bill?

We've found on occasion that there have been credits or invoices from AWS that were overlooked, but if you're sure you've got everything and we still don't match, let us know what you see on your bill versus what you see in Stax by raising a support case and we'll look into it for you!

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