User Permissions in Cost & Compliance

The difference between User and Admin and how to change

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There are two levels of user permissions in Stax: Admin and Standard.

Standard users can do almost everything in the app, however only Admin users can:

  • view and edit cost allocation settings

    • this includes creating and editing views
  • view and edit rule sets settings

    • this includes adding and removing rules and rule bundles as well as ignoring resources

If you're an admin, you can find out who in your organisation has access by heading to the User Admin page and you can change access levels from there.

If you're not an admin but want to know who is, just email and we'll track them down for you!

Managing Admins via SSO:

You can manage who has Admin access to Stax Cost & Compliance if you use SSO to access Stax Cost & Compliance. In order to do this, you need to create a role or group that you'll use to assign users Admin access in Stax.\ Then email with the details of the Stax Admin role or group, and we'll set Stax up to automatically map the users with that attribute, to the Admin role in Stax.