Turn on Cost and Usage (CUR) for an AWS Master Account

For Stax to collect your AWS billing data, you need to have Cost and Usage Reports turned on.

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Before you Begin
This guidance assumes you're subscribed to only the Stax Cost & Compliance module. If you're a Stax Platform customer, Stax takes care of this for you.

Before you Begin

  1. Log in to the AWS console, click on your user or account name at top-right, and select My Billing Dashboard from the dropdown

    Billing Cost Management Dashboard
  2. Click Preferences

  3. Click Receive Billing Reports, then type in your billing bucket name

You can use any S3 bucket you’ve created as your billing bucket. It’s best practice to use a separate S3 bucket as your billing bucket. If you don’t have an S3 bucket, create one.
  1. Click the Verify button to confirm the bucket name is correct
  2. In the table that follows, you’ll see a list of reports. Click the checkbox next to each one to turn all the reports on
  3. Click Save preferences

The page should look roughly like this:

Billing Preferences

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