Turn on Cost and Usage (CUR) for an AWS Management Account

For Stax to collect your AWS billing data, you need to have Cost and Usage Reports turned on.

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Stax Cost & Compliance utilizes the cost and usage data published to your AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) to provide you with rich cloud cost visibility and insight features, such as, monitoring daily cost, analyzing spend, and cost alerting.

This guidance assumes you're subscribed to only the Stax Cost & Compliance module. If your AWS accounts are Stax-managed, Stax takes care of this for you.

Turn on Your Cost and Usage Report (CUR)

  1. Log in to the AWS console, click on your user or account name on the top-right, and select My Billing Dashboard from the dropdown

  2. Click Cost & Usage Reports

    Billing Cost Management Dashboard
  3. Click Create report to configure your report content

    Cost & Usage Reports - Create Report
  4. Enter a name for your new AWS Cost and Usage report

  5. Select Include resource IDs to ensure AWS include the IDs of each individual resource in the report

  6. Select Data refresh settings to ensure your Cost and Usage report is refreshed if AWS applies refunds, credits, or support fees to your account after finalizing your bill. AWS will upload a new report to S3 when the report is refreshed.

  7. Click Next to continue configuring delivery options

    Cost & Usage Reports - Report Content
  8. Click Configure to set up your S3 bucket

    Cost & Usage Reports - Delivery options
You can use any S3 bucket you’ve created as your billing bucket. It’s best practice to use a separate S3 bucket as your billing bucket. If you don’t have an S3 bucket, you can create one in this step by providing a name, region, and bucket policy. For more information, see creating a bucket.
  1. Choose an existing S3 bucket or create a new bucket
Configure S3 Bucket
  1. Click the Verify button to confirm the bucket is valid

  2. Enter the Report path prefix that you want to prepend to the name of your report

  3. Select time granularity hourly

  4. Select Create new report version

  5. Stax recommends you use GZIP as the compression type, however, we can also support ZIP file compression.

  6. If you would like to enable a data integrator, select one from the available list that is compatible with our supported compression file types

  7. Click Next to continue

  8. Review the report details and click Review and Complete to create your Cost and Usage report

    Review and Complete
  9. In the table that follows, you’ll see a list of all AWS Cost and Usage reports. Click the checkbox next to your report to edit your report's configuration.

    List of Cost and Usage reports

For further information on configuring Cost and Usage for an AWS Management Account, refer to the AWS user guide.

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