Support for Multiple AWS Organizations

When using Stax with multiple AWS Organizations, it is important to consider a few important differences.

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Some organizations, by either convention or requirement, have several AWS Organizations housing their AWS accounts. Stax supports the use of this approach, however there are a few considerations when in this scenario:

Stax Tenancy to AWS Organization Mapping

Each Stax Tenancy maps to one AWS Organization. The Stax-managed AWS Accounts, Account Types, Policies, Networking Hubs, and Workloads of each AWS Organization are managed by that Organization's Stax tenancy. Every Stax tenancy also has its own user identities, foundation accounts, and support cases.

Cost & Compliance

One of Stax's key design principles is to centralize an organization's ability to manage both cost and organizational compliance in the one place. To this end, Stax centralizes all this information for your AWS Organizations into one set of data within the Cost & Compliance module. The "Organizations" View is provided with a different segment for each Stax tenancy (AWS Organization).

Getting Help

If you have multiple AWS Organizations or Stax tenancies and need assistance, please raise a support case.

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