Stax-Generated Events Schema

Schema for events generated by Stax

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Events generated by Stax follow a defined schema. This allows for event content to be predictable and consistent.

Review category pages to see schemas for specific events:

Top-level properties

All Stax events contain the following top-level properties:

versionstringAWS event version
idintegerEvent ID generated by Amazon EventBridge
detail-typestringDescribes the source and event type
sourcestringStax partner event source
accountintegerAWS account ID
timedateThe timestamp of the event
regionstringSource AWS region
detailobjectStax specific payload. See Detail object below

Detail Object

In addition to top-level properties, each Stax event can contain the following common properties in the detail object:

» metaobjecttruenone
»» customerobjecttrueCustomer attributes
»»» idstringtrueStax customer ID
»»» namestringfalseStax customer name
»» organizationobjecttrueOrganization attributes
»»» idstringtrueStax organization ID
»»» namestringfalseStax organization name
»»» aliasstringfalseStax organization alias
»» userobjectfalseuser attributes
»»» idstringtrueStax user ID
»»» usernamestringfalseStax username (Note: deprecated, will be removed in the future. See Email property)
»»» emailstringfalseStax user email
»» awsobjectfalseaws attributes
»»» accountIdstringtrueAWS account ID of account where event was triggered
»»» accountNamestringfalseAWS account name of account where event was triggered
»»» regionstringfalseAWS region of account where event was triggered
» staxEventVersionstringtrueStax event version
» staxEventIDstringtrueUnique event ID
» staxEventTimestring(date-time)trueThe timestamp of the event. Should be set by the publisher of the event - not the transport timestamp
» staxEventSourcestringtrueStax component name that publishes the event. e.g., stax.networking, stax.auth
» staxEventTypestringtrueHigh level event type, typically mirrors Stax high-level feature name
» staxEventNamestringtrueSpecific name of event; e.g., UserAuthenticationEvent, AccountCreated, CISNonCompliantRuleEvent

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