Resolve an S3 Bucket Empty error

What to do when you see an S3 Bucket Empty error as you’re linking your Stax and AWS accounts.

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You’ll see this error if the S3 bucket you pointed us to doesn't contain any billing reports.

It means one of three things has happened.

  1. You may have made a typing mistake, or given the wrong S3 bucket to us as your billing bucket. To fix this, go back in the account linking process and re-enter your S3 billing bucket name.
  2. Programmatic billing may not be turned on for your account. You’ll need to check if it is, and turn it on if it’s not.
  3. If you turned on programmatic billing less than 24 hours ago, the S3 bucket you named as your billing bucket might not have any reports in it yet. You’ll need to wait for up to 24 hours before AWS puts some data into the bucket, and then you can try to re-link your accounts.