Remove Cost & Compliance Role

If you no longer wish to use the Stax Cost & Compliance module, you can remove the IAM role that grants it access to your billing and compliance data

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Removing Stax Cost & Compliance from your AWS organization is possible by following a few simple steps.

Before You Begin

  • Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes
  • Ensure you have appropriate access to each AWS account that has Stax Cost & Compliance configured

Remove the Real-Time Rule Alert Notification

If you have configured Real-Time Rule Alerts for your AWS accounts, you'll need to remove the Notification from your CloudTrail S3 bucket(s).

For each AWS account in your Orgnaization that has Real-Time Rule Alerts enabled, you must perform the configuration below.

  1. Log into the AWS account

  2. Navigate to the S3 Console. Open the S3 bucket containing CloudTrail logs

    S3 Buckets
  3. On the S3 bucket's properties page, scroll down to find the Events card. Click it to see configured event notifications for the S3 bucket

    S3 Bucket Events
  4. Choose the All object create events SNS Event Notification and then Edit to ensure the event is one you wish to delete. The SNS topic ARN should be in the format of arn:aws:sns:<your-cloudtrail-region>:228473277269:cloudtrail-receiver-external-prod

  5. Once you have ensured that you have the correct event selected, delete the SNS Event Notification

You will no longer receive Real-Time Rule Alerts from Stax Cost & Compliance.

Remove the Cost & Compliance IAM Role

The Stax Cost & Compliance module IAM Role is deployed as part of a CloudFormation stack. Follow the steps below to remove the stack.

For each AWS account in your Orgnaization that has Stax Cost & Compliance enabled, you must perform the configuration below.

  1. Log into the AWS account
  2. Browse to the CloudFormation console and locate the stack containing the Stax IAM role. It is generally named Stax-IAM-role. If you have deployed using the Stax Cost & Compliance setup wizard, this stack should only contain two resources; the IAM role, and a Callback object. These can both be safely deleted. If your stack contains other resources, please raise a support case for assistance
  3. Delete the CloudFormation stack

Stax will no longer be able to provide you with cost and compliance information once the IAM role is removed.

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