Policies for Global Protection

Stax implements Policies to protect critical Stax resources within AWS accounts. Working within the boundaries of these Policies requires some basic consideration.

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Stax Policies are AWS Service Control Policies that can be attached to a Stax Organization or an Account Type. Stax allows you to create and attach Policies to your Organization and Account Types.

stax-protection-standard/stax-protection-partner Policy

To protect critical resources required for the operation of Stax's features and functionality, a default policy (either stax-protection-standard or stax-protection-partner) is applied to AWS organizations. This mandatory Policy can be reviewed in the Policies section of the Stax Console.

There are resource name prefixes reserved for use by Stax. Resources created with these prefixes will be either hidden, or access to them disabled by the Policy.

The reserved prefixes are:

  • stax
  • cloudtrail-

Avoid creating resources that begin with any of these prefixes. In most circumstances AWS/Stax will prohibit you from creating resources using these prefixes. Stax is unable to provide support for editing/updating resources that are created using these prefixes. If you inadvertently create resources using these prefixes, please raise a support case to discuss options for regaining control of the resource.

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