Cost Broken Down by Segment

Cost Attribution in Stax.

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It is easy to view and interact with your AWS costs by using segments in Stax.

You can view all your costs across all the segments in a particular view by using the Cost Breakdown table on the Cost Page. We hope that this table will make monthly reporting much easier.

With this table, you can:

  • see your cost broken by segment, for each of your views
  • view the cost breakdown for the last 14 days, the last 12 months, or for this financial year
  • view per-segment budgets in the financial year view
  • view per-segment estimates for full financial year
  • download each of these views to .csv
  • use the financial filters on the cost page to include Tax, Support, Credits and RI purchases in your view of cost that's been broken down by segment.
Cost broken down by Segment