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Re-evaluate your compliance rules with the click of a button

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If you haven't found it yet, you should really try the Click to Re-evaluate feature. It’s going to seriously impact how your team works on AWS, making Stax a key component of a continuous improvement workflow.

To use the feature head to the Rules page, open a Rule, then select Re-evaluate. Within minutes, the page will refresh and you can confirm all your items are passing and you’re at 100% compliance. If you’re not, you can begin to fix the problem, re-evaluating as you go to get feedback for every change you make.

You can establish a simple continuous improvement workflow from here:

  1. Identify a business need
  2. If you don't already have a rule that will help meet this need, create one from the catalog
  3. Make a change (either a small one, focused on one account or resource, or a major one that may fix the issue on its own)
  4. Re-evaluate the rule
  5. If not at 100% compliance, repeat step 3

We've used this feature internally to make sure changes to our infrastructure don't impact compliance.

For a recent project, we consolidated multiple per-account CloudTrail logs into one organizational CloudTrail. During the consolidation process, we used the Click to Re-evaluate to verify no CloudTrail rules were impacted by the changes we made to our infrastructure, and that were properly configured.

If items were failing those Rules, we could make changes to our infrastructure and use Click to Re-evaluate to quickly see if those changes were impacting our security and compliance.

Re-Evaluate Rule

This feature reduces the friction involved in building for the cloud in a secure, compliant way. Instead of waiting for Stax to evaluate your Rules on its schedule, you can run the checks on-demand, helping you build the right way.