Single Sign-On

Stax integrates with your corporate identity provider allowing you to bring your own identities and identity management controls to the Stax platform. Stax supports a few different SAML providers, but it should work with just about any SAML provider.

Below, you will see options for Stax Platform and for Stax's Cost & Compliance module. In most circumstances, Stax Platform is the correct option. If your organization only subscribes to the Cost & Compliance module of Stax, you'll need to review the Cost & Compliance module section below.

Stax Platform

Cost & Compliance Module

Need Help?

SSO can be tricky, but we're here to help. If you're a Stax Platform customer, just raise a support case and we'll be in touch. If you're a Cost & Compliance Module subscriber, send us an email with your questions.

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