Account Pools

To allow for AWS accounts to be provisioned quickly, Stax maintains a pool of AWS accounts ready to go at any time.

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You may notice AWS accounts in your AWS Organization that do not have names or resources provisioned into them. These AWS accounts, typically, are part of the Stax-managed accounts pool.

When creating a new account in AWS, it takes some time for the account to be provisioned and prepared ready for use. To reduce this time-to-service for new accounts, Stax maintains a pool of accounts for each Stax tenancy (and therefore, AWS Organization). Accounts in this pool typically have a very low monthly cost, which can be viewed on the Cost page.

When you create an account using Stax, an account is retrieved from the pool and configured for service. The account pool has a finite capacity, but once this action is in progress, Stax will commence creating another account to replenish the pool.

When a large number of accounts are created in rapid succession, there may be delays encountered if the account pool is depleted.

If you anticipate needing to create a significant number of AWS accounts rapidly, please raise a support case in advance to advise the expected number of accounts. This will allow Stax to ensure that the account pool contains an appropriate number of accounts for your planned activities.

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