Account Linking - Resolve a Client ID mismatch

What to do when you see a Client ID mismatch error as you’re linking your AWS accounts to Stax.

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When using the Stax Cost & Compliance module to link your AWS account to Stax, you may receive an error message stating Stax Client ID Mismatch: The Stax Client ID in the CloudFormation template was edited. This error means that the Stax Client ID you entered when deploying the Stax CloudFormation template was incorrect.

This guidance assumes you're subscribed to only the Stax Cost & Compliance module. If your AWS accounts are Stax-managed, Stax takes care of this for you.

Stax Client ID Mismatch

This happens if you change the Stax Client ID you entered into the Stax-provided External ID space on the AWS Create Stack page.

Create CloudFormation Stack

To fix it, go to the Stax account linking process and click the Open AWS Console button again.

This will open the AWS console Create Stack page with the CloudFormation template attached again. This time, make sure you leave the external ID exactly as it appears when the page loads.