Access Stax Preview Features

Enable Preview Mode in the Stax Console for access to preview features.

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From time to time, Stax makes preview features available in the Stax Console to allow you to test them before they're released to the broader user base.

To access preview features of the Stax customer console, you can opt-in by enabling Preview Mode. When Preview Mode is enabled, a banner will be displayed in the left-hand nav, and preview features will be visible in the console.

Preview features are extensively tested prior to being made available in the Stax console. They may not have the same level of documentation or support as other functionality.
Additionally, preview features are subject to change prior to release. If you intend to utilize a preview feature in production, please contact your Stax customer success manager or raise a support case to discuss your intentions.

Before You Begin

  • Estimated time to complete: 1 minute

Enable Preview Mode

  1. Log in to the Stax console

  2. Open the customer menu in the left-hand nav (click the arrow next to your organization alias)

    Customer Menu
  3. Toggle on Preview Mode to enable preview features for your Stax user account

    Preview Mode Toggle
  4. In the left-hand nav you will see a banner to indicate Preview Mode is enabled

    Preview Mode Banner

Disable Preview Mode

You can disable Preview Mode at any time by toggling off Preview Mode in the customer menu

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